With Love From Mannum: Liz & Mark’s Engagement Session

I first met Liz when she was a bridesmaid at Jodi & Andrew’s wedding, and for this event Liz also made the amazing wedding cake! I was very excited to have the opportunity to capture Liz & Mark’s engagement session (and soon to come, wedding!). I loved the idea of travelling to Mannum and visiting some of their special places along with meeting their animals. Their fur and feather family is pretty extensive, including cats, dogs, poultry and the newest addition – a little goat! Having grown up with a myriad of animals including a goat (although somewhat more ill tempered than Liz & Mark’s goat!) I immediately felt at home – but you know what they say about trying to photograph animals 😛 yep total cheerful chaos ensued! We were particularly entertained upon coming inside and finding one of their cats sitting perfectly poised in my camera bag!

We had a lovely afternoon, filled with laughter (these guys seriously know how to make each other laugh!), visiting some very pretty places in Mannum and finished up overlooking a stunning view of the Murray River 🙂 <3
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