What to wear: winter couple & engagement photography sessions


Black and white photograph of a couple holding hands.

You’ve booked your couple/engagement photo session, we’ve discussed ideas, you’ve picked a gorgeous location, and you’re super excited, but… now you and your partner are staring at your wardrobe and wondering what to wear! You’re not alone. Hanging out with your “inner fashionista” can be a tough task, particularly for many of us who are time-strapped. To help make this task hassle free, I’ve created some helpful tips and fashion inspiration for cool winter weather photography sessions.

Dress matters

I would love to say “hey, just wear whatever you feel like” and if we were going out for coffee, that would absolutely be the case! But dressing carefully for your photo session really does matter. A bit of fashion fore thought can help to make your beautiful photographs really pop and enhance your investment.

Dress like you

You are clearly awesome and so is your partner, so why would you want photographs that make you look like someone else? Its very important to embrace your own personal fashion style for your photography session. Most of these suggestions and ideas can be easily tweaked so that they align beautifully with your own fashion leanings.