How to name your emus! {a country couple + pregnancy photo story}

I was pretty excited to see Mark and Liz again and visit them on their dairy farm. Last time, when we met for an engagement photo session, they had a collection of pets including poultry, cats, dogs, and a new goat – this time, however, the menagerie has expanded! Did I also mention that Liz and Mark are also soon to be expecting their first baby!!

Initially I was greeted by Liz and it wasn’t long before I was introduced to a variety of their pets and livestock, highlights of which included a baby goat and some absolutely fabulous emus called Patsy and Eddie!

The farm is stunning; acres of rolling hills and huge eucalypts frame a sun-drenched property. We couldn’t have picked a more picturesque location for the shoot. Two hours seemed like it flashed by in a matter of minutes as the light became deep orange. With Liz’s trusty 4WD, navigated by Mark, traversing the rocky terrain we made it just in time to the very top of a hill to capture a few final silhouetted frames against the pink blush of the sunset. As Mark and Liz’s characteristic good sense of humour left pockets of laughter rolling across the hillsides.

If you’ve been considering a sea change to the country, these pictures might just seal the deal. You might have to put up with the occasional sheep-bombed photos, but it’s a small price to pay 😉 

What a gorgeous family! <3

(Sheep bombed!)