Each photographer’s lens kit can be as individual as they are. I thought I would share with you my favourite wedding photography lenses and a bit about their strengths and weaknesses, along with ways that I might evolve my lens kit in the future. I shoot with a Nikon, for the simple reason that my first 35mm camera was a Nikon, … Continued

Super excited that my work is currently getting some national distribution thanks to the lovely folk at Avant Card. If you see any around town I would be very excited if you could upload a snap and tag me either via Facebook or Instagram! This is a wonderful opportunity that Avant Card offer to artists to help increase … Continued

I’m very excited to announce that Gpix Photo has a fresh new face; a lovely new website & logo design! The new logo… For a long time now, I have been wanting to evolve our old logo into something that better describes the style and approach of the photography that I offer. The ‘G-swan’, as I like to … Continued

This wedding was an afternoon with laughter, fun, and lots of it! Heather and Gavin are from interstate, so I was only was able officially meet them a week before the wedding. We met on a warm day at the beautiful K1 Hardy for a location scout and to finite the wedding photography schedule (a short and … Continued

When Kate e-mailed me and asked me to photograph their newborn, George, I was very touched. Kate and Daniel were married early this year and I had the wonderful job of capturing their wedding, so it was very special to be asked to also photograph their newborn. I admitted to Kate that I was still building my newborn … Continued

I love family photography sessions, they are full of personality, spontaneity and fun!  We found a pretty little park just north of Adelaide, which had a duck filled lake running through the centre. The family spent a lovely afternoon giving the pigeons and ducks a veritable four course feast! Its always a great idea to incorporate activities, particularly into … Continued

I first met Ben and Rhian in June, when I had the opportunity to create some engagement photography with them. It was such a memorable session and easy to see how strong their connection was; they were a perfect match. 🙂 Their wedding truly was a beautiful event – the ladies of the bridal party had … Continued

I’ve probably said this before, but I am a huge believer in photography experimentation – its the best way to learn new techniques and find better ways of doing things. For this session, I was very grateful to have the amazing help of both my wedding photography lighting assistants; Naila Jane Ahmed, who acted as my lovely model for … Continued

I was very excited to photograph Liz and Mark’s wedding as we had a lot of fun on their engagement shoot. After hearing about some of the details in their big day I knew it was going to be a stunning event! The colour scheme, flowers and some amazing handcrafted details throughout this wedding were incredibly … Continued

A hands on user review of the ‘Holdfast Moneymaker Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap’ system. Like many photographers I was faced with a camera juggling crisis. Usually at weddings I shoot with two camera bodies; a wider lens on one, 35mm f. 1.4 or 24-70mm f. 2.8, and then (depending on the space) either a fixed 85mm … Continued