This family session is one that I have been especially looking forward to. I have been photographing Freja since her very early arrival into the world. Capturing the families first studio session made me feel incredibly blessed.

Travis and Peta are such a lovely couple. Their wedding was full of creativity, energy and wonderfully unique! Peta is a photographer herself so it was an honour and a pleasure to be asked to photograph her wedding.

I love the beach and its one of my favourite places for photo sessions. I particularly love the strong yellow unfiltered light that drenches its subjects with a golden kiss. This series features the lovely and fearless Bel who lay on the jetty, climbed the railings and danced in the water.

Recently my friend and her two and a half year old daughter visited, her daughter discovered that I have a great selection of costume jewelry and she adorned herself with glee. Covered in fake pearls she looked very cute and I thought pulling out the camera was a good idea – wrong! She had recently … Continued

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Little Miss Nova. I haven’t yet done much baby photography, but just couldn’t pass up the chance, so it was a pretty new experience for both of us! I sang my repertoire of nursery rhymes – learn’t about the value of the water sounds playlist, that … Continued

This session was incredibly fun and fast paced, we decided to use only Op-shop bought or handmade fashions as the focus. The session was spread over four different locations and we only just managed to make it to the fourth as the sun was setting – It was well worth the mad scramble across the … Continued

As often as I can I like to experiment with my photography, for me its one of the best ways to keep learning and its also a lot of fun. I do this both in camera and with post processing techniques, just to see where things might end up. Generally, though, I do prefer to … Continued

It has become a tradition for me to take photographs of my friends daughter every mothers day, its a lovely way to watch her daughter grow. I thought I would share some of this years photographs with you. If you are interested in a shoot like this, please contact me.

On a stunning Autumn day I photographed the elegant Hannah. Despite navigating the odd miniature marshland and me falling surprisingly gracefully out of a tree – in my usual attempt to get ‘the shot’! We had a lovely photographic session full of fabulous falling leaves, lush vintage fashion, an impromptu chamomile tea picnic and were graced by a visiting … Continued