Photographing young children is like sprint racing – its pretty much the best workout you can get. If you really want to photograph the spirit of childhood you have to let them roam, and when all the stars align try and coax them into a family photo! I love the mid-air jumps, the tumbles and … Continued

I love family photography sessions, they are full of personality, spontaneity and fun!  We found a pretty little park just north of Adelaide, which had a duck filled lake running through the centre. The family spent a lovely afternoon giving the pigeons and ducks a veritable four course feast! Its always a great idea to incorporate activities, particularly into … Continued

This cake smash session was loads of fun and gloriously messy! A vintage feel seemed the perfect match for this gorgeous little girl. Her mum created a beautiful tea cake; it was made with plain sponge, fresh cream, various fruits  and avocado – so as to keep her daughters afternoon snack as healthy as possible. … Continued

On a recent holiday we drove through the Coorong and stopped to explore and photograph a dry salt lake bed.  The first thing I did was to run across this flat white and grey pancake that was fringed with dappled green and contrasted against a bright blue sky – how could you not?! We discovered … Continued

This year I was lucky enough to spend my Easter with some friends and a very energetic 3 year old. There is something magical about Easter with a child, the day is full of anticipation, excitement and adventures. I thought I would share a few pics from correspondence with the Easter Bunny and the morning’s egg hunt.

I had the joy of photographing the beautiful Nova’s first ever beach day adventure! She was captivated by all this sandy stuff and decided it was definitely for eating, she was a little less certain about the sea and initially viewed it with some doubt. As she became accustomed to the gentle ebb and flow … Continued

Recently my friend and her two and a half year old daughter visited, her daughter discovered that I have a great selection of costume jewelry and she adorned herself with glee. Covered in fake pearls she looked very cute and I thought pulling out the camera was a good idea – wrong! She had recently … Continued

It has become a tradition for me to take photographs of my friends daughter every mothers day, its a lovely way to watch her daughter grow. I thought I would share some of this years photographs with you. If you are interested in a shoot like this, please contact me.